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Andrew Nussbaum service adventure 2014-2015 Colorado Springs

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More good byes and still more to come.

So in the past 2 weeks our unit has finished the last days of each of our respective volunteer job, taken a trip to Breckenridge for our end of the year vacation and yesterday we said our final goodbyes to our host church Beth’el. It has been a bittersweet time so far and the last and hardest of those goodbyes comes on Thursday, our groups last day together. Whether driving me insane or supporting me through a slump I have grown fond of these people I have lived with for 10 months. Thank you for being the housemates you have and thank all of you following this for all your support. I will post a few last pictures, but for now, Andrew Nussbaum service year, says goodbye. 🙂 always lookin your way.